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Coastal Threads Collection: A Fashion Statement with a Purpose

The Coastal Threads™ Collection has washed ashore, offering a fresh perspective on today’s trendiest bag designs. This Goldstar exclusive boasts a modern look and an inspiring origin. Each product in this collection is crafted with REPREVE® Our Ocean™ Recycled Plastic, a revolutionary fabric born from recycled materials. Coastal Threads™ products are not only stylish but also convey a powerful message about your commitment to a better tomorrow. Join us on a journey where thoughtful design seamlessly meets functionality. 

Now, consider this: our new collection has the potential to help reduce plastic pollution. We’ve reimagined our bags using fabrics sourced from ocean-bound plastic.1 When used in specific conditions, this material could combat coastal ocean waste.2 REPREVE® Our Ocean™ is sustainable fiber and resin produced by sourcing, collecting and recycling plastic bottles found near coastlines without formal recycling systems. 3 The bottles are then melted and transformed into high-quality resin, which is further processed into fiber. By choosing these products, you’re transforming potential hazards for marine life into effective branding tools. 

In the spirit of transparency, OceanCycle certification leads the way. By utilizing traceable U TRUST® verified fabric the Coastal Threads™ Collection ensures that each item genuinely originates from recycled ocean-bound plastic. This cutting-edge technology validates the composition of REPREVE® fibers.4 Crafted intelligently, this fabric is designed to meet customer needs, providing water resistance and exceptional durability against everyday elements. Crafted in Europe, the 4-piece bag collection exudes chic elegance and is thoughtfully designed with active consumers in mind. We’re reshaping your favorite products, tailoring them to meet the current demands of customers. They are simply Made Better!  

Now, let us introduce you to the Coastal Threads™ bags, where style effortlessly combines with utility: 

The Everyday Backpack (UHP)

The Everyday Backpack (UHP) is a commuter’s dream come true. It has a combination of visible and concealed features, three roomy compartments, a padded laptop sleeve, and a spacious mesh pocket. This backpack embodies the top features you’d desire, making it equally appealing to college students and savvy professionals. 

The Commuter Backpack (UHN)

A sleek design with padded straps, security pockets, and dual grab handles, perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and sophistication. It’s lightweight, efficient, and timeless, ensuring it gets the job done every time. 

The 20-can Picnic Cooler (UHM)

Ideal for picnics and outdoor gatherings, complete with a quick-access Velcro hatch zippered compartment for your beverages and snacks. Carry bulky items discreetly, all while ensuring your food stays fresh as you enjoy your fun and games. 

The Trek-Pack/Sling Bag (UHO)

The cross-body silhouette has become a sensation with outdoor fanatics across the globe and is an excellent choice for people on the move. It includes a 40 oz. water bottle holder with an adjustable sleeve and silicone grippers, making it the ideal choice for hands-free activities such as hiking, biking, or outdoor events. 

The Coastal Threads™ Collection is more than just products; it’s an opportunity to showcase your innovative spirit and embrace re-use of materials that would have otherwise been trash in our natural environment. These bags symbolize a step forward in product development and thoughtful consumerism. By utilizing high-performance recycled ocean-bound plastic, this collection seamlessly blends elegance, purpose, and performance across four durable products. It’s not just a collection; it’s a movement to choose the products you love just Made Better.

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