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Goldstar Unveils the Coastal Threads™ REPREVE® Our Ocean™ Collection Transforming Promo with Cutting-Edge Materials

Goldstar is proud to introduce the Coastal Threads™ REPREVE® Our Ocean™ Collection, marking a significant push in their ongoing effort to reimagine material sourcing and expand their product category offerings. This collection serves as a testament to Goldstar’s commitment to meeting industry needs by utilizing an innovative material sourced from recycled plastic. Goldstar recognizes that the future and reputation of the promotional marketing industry rest on the manufacturing decisions made today. 

At the heart of the Coastal Threads™ Collection lies REPREVE®, a fabric from plastic collected within 30 miles of coastlines. REPREVE® Our Ocean™ is an assortment of fiber and resin from bottles collected around the ocean’s coast by hand from areas without formal waste or recycling systems. The production process involves sourcing the recycled waste, cleaning and flaking it to remove contaminants, melting it into high-quality REPREVE® resin, and then transforming this resin into fiber, spun, and air-jet textured into yarn.   

Goldstar’s new collection contributes to the reduction of plastic pollution by repurposing plastic that might have otherwise polluted the natural environment. Ocean plastic poses a significant threat to the well-being of ecosystems, marine animals, and humans alike, with microplastics accounting for over 90% of surface water marine plastics. 1 Goldstar’s new products have the potential to make a significant impact in reducing the harm caused by excessive plastic pollution, as this material supports an innovative approach to product design. 

Goldstar’s exciting new bag collection not only ushers in a fresh wave of style that aligns with the latest trends and industry demands but also serves as a shining testament to our commitment to sustainability. We’re actively working to integrate a wider range of product categories into our promotional marketing product offerings, showcasing that style and environmental responsibility can seamlessly coexist, thereby setting the gold standard for the industry

States RJ Hagel, the Director of Global Marketing

To champion this new chapter in product design, Goldstar is launching four distinct products that seamlessly blend style and functionality. From sleek backpacks with utility features to coolers designed to keep snacks fresh, and crossbody bags tailored for modern lifestyles – each new addition caters to the diverse demands of the industry. 

However, the Coastal Threads™ Collection isn’t solely about products; it’s about setting new benchmarks within the promotional marketing industry. Goldstar believes that the Coastal Threads™​ Collection serves its commitment to growth and signals a progressive direction in the promotional marketing landscape. 

For more information about Goldstar and the Coastal Threads™​ Collection, please visit simplygoldstar.com