Welcome to Your Daily Dose of Simplicity®!

New Year Brings More Simplicity to Promotional Marketing with Goldstar 

This spring, your promotional goods offerings will bloom tremendously…2023 is kicking off with a major bang!

We are excited to announce that our expertise and passion for branded writing instruments is now coming to you on 40+ NEW! styles of drinkware and bags. We’re now offering Simplicity® in the products you need most.  

In the North American market, we successfully launched drinkware and bags to complement the writing instrument category in 2017, and they have been a huge hit! This year we are proud to launch drinkware and bag categories in Europe too.

Let’s celebrate simplicity with three all-new and streamlined categories – Simply Writing, Simply Drinkware, and Simply Bags – that will make selecting the best products to promote brands easier as we work to continue providing innovative and stylish promo for all markets.  

We are bringing to life a new line of drinkware in over (20) in-demand styles, plus (3) branding methods to match. Our range of bags is growing to include over (20) new styles in (5) different categories. Plus, full-color decoration and quicker delivery times of the items you love most.

Now with the addition of drinkware and bags to the European market, you can create the bundles of your dreams with our vast assortment of metal, plastic, gel pens and much more. 

You deserve stress-free ordering, and we offer the benefit of all-inclusive, no haggle pricing, free promotional marketing materials, and now even more products to consider!

Choose Goldstar®, Choose Simplicity®!