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Most Searched Fall Promo Trends

It’s difficult to believe anything could be trendier than Barbie merchandise, but surprisingly, we’ve discovered five highly searched promotional trends for this fall. As the leaves turn golden and the air becomes crisp, it presents a fantastic chance for businesses to revitalize their promotional marketing strategies. Let’s delve into the fall promotional trends! 

1. Natural Tones – Bamboo Products for Earth-Conscious Appeal 

Consumers are increasingly concerned about sustainability, making bamboo products highly desirable. Embrace this earth-conscious trend during the fall season by offering promotional products. The natural tones of bamboo bring warmth and elegance, making them a perfect fit for the season.  

Our Ellipse Bamboo Stylus Pen (MSZ) is particularly popular among Earth-conscious brands, thanks to its natural appearance that customers adore. With chrome accents adding a touch of sophistication, this slim, refillable pen also features a touchscreen-compatible stylus. It’s a combination of chic design and Earth made materials – truly the best of both worlds! 


2. Embrace Warm Tones in Promotional Products 

During autumn, warm and inviting colors take center stage. Enhance your promotional products by incorporating rich, earthy hues such as deep burgundy, dark green, or burned orange. Consider offering bags with stylish accents or stationery sets in these captivating tones. By embracing these warm colors, you’ll create a sense of comfort and coziness that will make your products even more appealing to customers. Rest assured, our products in these hues are not only stylish but also highly functional! 

One prime example is the Phoenix Softy Monochrome metal pen (MSM), which boasts a modern monochromatic design. The luxurious soft-touch finish in vibrant colors on the barrel adds a touch of elegance. Plus, the capacitive stylus feature brings useful touchscreen functionality to the pen. With this combination of performance and the colors customers crave, you’re sure to make a lasting impression. 


3. Cozy Cups for Chilly Days 

As the temperatures drop, people desire the comfort of warm beverages. Give your customers the perfect companion for chilly days – cozy cups! Consider offering branded ceramic mugs or insulated stainless steel tumblers that will keep their drinks warm and their hearts content. By customizing these cups with your logo, you ensure that your brand stays on their minds with every delightful sip they take. 

The Terra 12-ounce Clay Base Ceramic Mug (MUU) is a modern and stylish matte single-wall ceramic mug with a natural-colored base. It adds a fun flair to your promotional marketing messages, making it a great choice for your brand. 

For those on the go, our eye-catching 16 oz. Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler (WBL-C) is the perfect travel companion. Its base fits in most car cup holders, making it an ideal item for those who are constantly on the move. With a stainless-steel exterior and a plastic interior, this tumbler can keep coffee, tea, or other beverages hot for hours, ensuring your customers can enjoy their favorite drinks wherever they are.



4. Event Gear for Fall Gatherings 

Fall is a season filled with gatherings, including conventions, and vibrant fall festivals. Make your mark in these events by providing customized event gear. Consider offering writing instruments like fall-themed pens or pencils, as they ensure your brand remains visible throughout the event and beyond. Pens, pencils, and stationery are fantastic gifts, as people love journaling and jotting down notes during conferences. 

Check out our 2 n 1 Twain Notebook & Tres-Chic Pen Gift Set – ColorJet (NPW-C), which includes a notebook with 96 pages of lined paper and our popular Tres-Chic metal pen. The pen, ribbon marker, elastic strap, and pen loop are all in black for a striking contrast. You can customize both the pen and notebook cover using ColorJet™ , allowing for a full-color imprint that perfectly represents your brand. 

Stationery remains popular, especially as the busy holiday season approaches and people need to jot down quick notes on the go but let’s not forget about events during fall. Offer attendees branded tote bags, perfect for carrying event materials and everyday essentials.  Our Plaza Deluxe Non-Woven Bag (UGZ) features a polyester pocket to hold keys, pens, flyers, tchotchkes, brochures and more. The classic corporate accent colors make the crisp white company logos pop, and the comfy straps make it easy to carry around. These branded tote bags will leave a lasting impression on your event attendees and help promote your brand far beyond the event itself.



5. Home for the Holidays with Gifting Bags 

As the holiday season approaches, show your customers how much you value them by offering thoughtful promotional gifting bags. Fill these bags with branded pens and drinkware, ensuring your recipients are equipped for their holiday travels and beyond. These reusable bags will not only showcase your brand but also serve as practical and memorable gifts for the festive season, making them the perfect gift that keeps on giving. 

Our best-selling Geo recycled cotton canvas bag (UGO) is ideal for holiday gifting. This reusable tote features a lightweight cotton material that is machine washable. Plus, it has double handles and can be easily folded and stored, adding to its convenience.

For a more crafty and artsy touch, consider our medium-size kraft paper bag (UEW), which is recyclable and comes with color-match twisted paper handles. These bags not only look charming but also contribute to an Earth conscious approach to gifting. 



This fall, elevate your promotional marketing game by embracing the top trends in drinkware, bags, stationery, and writing instruments. Natural tones and earth-friendly bamboo products will appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. Warm hues in your promotional items will create an inviting atmosphere. Cozy cups will bring comfort to chilly days, and event gear will leave a lasting impression on event attendees. Lastly, homey promotional gifting bags will show your customers they are cherished, making them fall in love with your brand all over again. Embrace these trends and let your brand shine amidst the beauty of autumn! 

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