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Monochrome Mania

Trend Alert! It’s Monochrome mania time, and we are simply obsessed with it! Goldstar NEW! Monochrome writing instruments give brands a modern yet timeless and sleek look thanks to the uniform color and metallic accents.

Let’s talk about why color is so important when selecting promo. Color significantly impacts how viewers perceive any scene, business, or product. The result can often be subconscious and have a psychological effect as well. 

The allure of monochrome rests in its ability to create emotions, rise above the constant flow of trends, and display sophistication. Instead of boasting about your brand loudly, use monochrome’s grace. The monochrome look remains relevant and popular as marketing trends evolve.

A monochromatic color scheme varies between lighter and darker versions of the base color or hue. So before continuing, let’s dive into some color theory. 

Monochrome means the presentation of a single color in different shades. This means that a single color is shown in different values and intensities. The importance and intensities change when the primary color is mixed with black, white, or gray. The color remains the same, but the elements that change are the color’s brightness, lightness, darkness, or dullness. It is essentially the same color but with different variations of it.  

For example, a product is not only considered monochrome when using the same exact tone of red throughout the product. It is also regarded as monochromatic when the product features a lighter red shade, the actual technique, and a deeper red hue.

Let’s dive into what the term monochromatic means. The word “monochromatic” comes from the root words “mono”, meaning one, and “chroma”, meaning color. It is important to remember when choosing monochrome products that while a monochromatic color scheme is designed around one color, that does not mean it only represents one shade. 

Monochrome products have the same color throughout the entire product. The product represents uniformity and decisiveness since it has the same shade throughout the whole product.

Selecting monochrome products for your business also allows customers to isolate their attention to the brand messaging instead of being distracted by multiple colors on the product.

Monochrome is a hot product because using just one shade from a limited set clearly communicates messages and has universal appeal. Its minimized color palette directs focus on the essential message. Stripping away the distraction of color helps brands build stronger bonds with their customers and make their logos stand out.  

Brands can use monochrome products to communicate an alluring timeless aesthetic that shows their brand believes in reliability. When customers have a promotional product in monochrome, it instantly elevates the brand and helps to shape the customers’ perception of the company. 

For example, Goldstars writing instruments offer a sleek monochrome presentation while providing a premium product that will last through many campaigns.

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