Welcome to Your Daily Dose of Simplicity®!

The New SimplyGoldstar.com

As we quicken the pace on our “Road to Digital Transformation”, we are excited to make a few announcements, providing a glimpse into the future of our business. Our goal? To take all the things you already love about Goldstar and continue focusing on creating simple and enjoyable ways for you to experience our team and our products. Let’s explain a little more.  

New Web & Email Domain

Giving you a view into the depths of our North American and European distribution, we’ve brought together “GoldstarPens.com” and “GoldstarEurope.com” under a new, unified domain—SimplyGoldstar.com. Our website has a refreshing new look and our email and site addresses are now live. Don’t worry! @goldstarpens.com is still active, but please add @simplygoldstar.com to your safe senders and site preferences lists. 

A New Platform for Ideas & Inspiration

Liking what you are seeing here? Welcome! You are experiencing our new global content platform —ideas.simplygoldstar.com. Several times a month, you’ll find freshly curated content, new product ideas, and more selling tools to help you do what you do best. Be on the lookout, we have some awesome summer photography and new technology from friends at ZoomCatalog launching soon!  

Production & Order Management Enhancements 

We are currently undergoing several changes across our order management systems, implementing a new paperless workflow and order induction process. These operational investments have led to further decisions to consolidate our manufacturing and are now in the process of moving our SimpliColor® decoration and order production to our primary facility at FOB San Diego. 

How does this benefit you? Ultimately, faster production times, greater order transparency and more efficient order processing. In fact, we’re so committed to keeping the process stress-free, we are maintaining our “Free-in-3” shipping policy on writing instruments across the U.S. Plus, drinkware and bags always ships free to the continental U.S and Canada. 

A New Security-Enhanced Payment Portal 

In February, we sent out an update regarding our new payment portal which provides a simpler and more secure way to process single or multi-invoice payments. You now have the choice of paying online or over the phone. Find the site at (U.S.) https://pay.simplygoldstar.com/us/ or (Canada) https://pay.simplygoldstar.com/ca/.  

We invite you to look around the refreshed SimplyGoldstar.com. and this new platform. We’re excited about the future and will be back in touch soon with more updates. If you want to learn about our global distribution or have any questions about what we mentioned above, please reach out to us at Sales@SimplyGoldstar.com and we’ll to connect with a member of your team. 

All of us here at Goldstar are wishing you the very best!