Welcome to Your Daily Dose of Simplicity®!

Creating an Easier Way to do Business

Our team at Goldstar has one vision – to make it easy for you to grow your business. How do we do that?

It’s simple. We’ve assembled teams of friendly and reliable staff dedicated to supporting each of our territories across Europe and North America. They’re continually focused on offering you amazing service, the simplest pricing, and the highest-value promotional products when and where you need it most. At Goldstar, inspiration is just a click or call away! 

Howard Cubberly, General Manager of Goldstar, offers more insight into what makes Goldstar’s Simplicity model so revolutionary in the promotional marketing industry. “At its core, our Simplicity Model is about the ease of doing business and frictionless selling,” said Cubberly. “Nearly 9 years ago, we created and introduced the Simplicity business model for our distributor customers, and the response has been incredible.” Many initiatives on the horizon will dissolve any gaps in the Simplicity model.  

As a supplier of promotional products, at Goldstar, we house not only products but the expertise of people—our employees—who, in their shared experience, have been distributors, suppliers, end-buyers, end-users, and creatives. This unique perspective has allowed us to tap into and solve common pain points and make the promotional products buying experience as seamless as possible for our distributor customers. 

As a distributor, I was frustrated with constantly having to hunt down and calculate extra costs such as setup fees and art charges. With Simplicity, we just wanted to make things easy and remove as many barriers as possible to get distributor orders out the door efficiently and inexpensively.

Said RJ Hagel, Marketing Director of Goldstar Global.

Here are 3 Ways We Are Simply Goldstar

The Pricing.

$0 Setup fees and $0 Run charges on Writing Instruments, Drinkware & Bags. 

Our all-inclusive pricing model was created to keep the guesswork out of pricing so that no added charges would hit distributors. Removing complicated price charts and hidden fees, the Simplicity Model helps to keep quotes clean and clear of any pricing discrepancies, removing setup fees and run charges from all orders—regardless of if an order is for writing instruments, drinkware or bags.  

The Tools.

Free creative Sales & Marketing Tools for distributors. 

We realize that a lot of work goes into securing a purchase order. Marketing and sales resources like unbranded and customizable product flyers, virtual designs, social media graphics, samples, and content resources like this platform are key tools for any distributor to have at their disposal. That’s why we’ve committed to creating in-demand tools for our distributors. We provide these resources so our distributors can focus on building great relationships with their clients.  

The Experience.

Dedicated account teams to service your account. 

We’ve created dedicated teams to support every distributor account, from customer care to inside sales to regional sales. Dedicated support teams create free virtual design board presentations for distributors’ use, free digital proofs, spec samples—and so much more to help distributors wow and win customers. Having a supplier team in a distributor’s corner makes business personal. 

From pricing to ordering to selling tools, these examples of the Goldstar Simplicity Model all add to something much bigger. Together, they work to create an easier way of doing business. 

Visit our website or contact your local Goldstar team with questions and prepare to Experience Simplicity™.